ORPHEUS - Alkaline Drain Cleaner

ORPHEUS - Alkaline Drain Cleaner

A NON-ACID alkaline drain cleaner - breaks down pipework blockages, caused by a range of organic material. NON-ACID, but equally as effective as acid-based drain cleaners. Supplied in 12 litre (12 x 1 litre) cases. Delivered within 1 to 3 working days.


12 litres:
£10.25 per litre
24 litres:
£9.75 per litre
36+ litres:
£9.25 per litre
Container Size:
£123.00 ex vat
(£147.60 inc vat)

ORPHEUS - NON ACID Alkaline Drain Cleaner.

Instantly break down blockages within pipework - caused by organic waste.


ORPHEUS is a high performance, NON-ACID drain cleaner - that will instantly break down blockages within pipework - caused by a range of organic waste. These blockages will often occur within kitchen and washroom pipework, due to the large quantity of food waste and other organic waste that regularly enters the system. ORPHEUS is a safe alternative to sulphuric or hydrochlric acid based drain cleaners - but equally as effective. It is currently being used in industry, nursing homes, hospitals, clubs, pubs, restaurants, schools, colleges, local councils and more. Use ORPHEUS to treat pipework blockages leading from sinks, basins, toilets, showers, gullies and drains etc.


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Key Features:

• Quickly breaks down organic material

• NON ACID - but equally as effective as acid-based drain cleaners

• Very safe compared with sulphuric acid-based drain cleaners

• Easy to use, odourless and non-fuming

• No need to close down the kitchen/washroom whist being used

• Cannot be overused - will not damage pipe work or blemish stainless steel

• Will not form a hard soap on contact with grease

• 2 year shelf-life


Use in Kitchens:

• Breaks down food waste, coffee grouts, grease, fat and oil - use to treat blockages in sinks, gullies and drains.


Use in Washrooms:

• Breaks down soap scum and hair - use to treat blockages in washbasins and showers.

• Breaks down paper towels, toilet paper and faecal matter - use to treat blockages in toilets.


ORPHEUS - Alkaline Drain Cleaner


How to Use: Use neat from the container. Clearing a Blockage: Slowly pour 500 mls - 1 litre into the blocked pipework, and leave for 20 - 30 minutes. Repeat if necessary. When clear flush with approximately 5 litres of clean (hot if possible) water. Preventative Maintenance: Using ORPHEUS regularly will keep pipes clean, hygienic and free-flowing. Pour 250 mls of ORPHEUS into the pipework, and flush with approximately 1 litre of clean hot water. Do this 2 to 3 times per week in sinks, basins and shower trays etc.


Delivery: Delivery is free of charge throughout Mainland Great Britain, and delivered within 1 to 3 working days. For further info, and other delivery destinations see: DELIVERY

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