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Urinal Blockage. Use URIC XTREME® to Clear a Urinal Blockage.


URIC XTREME® - Urinal Unblocker:

Fast-Release Uric Scale Remover - for Unblocking a Urinal.

Use URIC Xtreme to clear blocked or slow running urinals. URIC Xtreme has been developed for the specific treatment of protein / calcium (uric scale) build-up in ceramic, plastic or stainless steel urinal traps and the pipework leading from them. It is a unique formula based on phosphoric acid, and has been designed for optimum use as a ‘one dose’ urinal unblocker. URIC Xteme has no odour and will not give off any harsh fumes. It is therefore both easy and safe to use, and will dissolve any calcium / protein (uric scale) deposits that have led to a blockage. Use URIC Xtreme when the urinal is completely blocked or the flow severely restricted.


URIC XTREME - Urinal Unblocker


Onsite Product Demo. Watch URIC XTREME® Clear a Urinal Blockage.

A mock urinal system packed with uric scale - easily and safely cleared using URIC Xtreme. The test was set up by the maintenance team at Gatwick Airport. The product demonstration was carried out by Chemassist.




Key Features. URIC Xtreme® - Urinal Unblocker.

• Quickly dissolves uric scale

• Easy and safe to use, odourless and non-fuming

• No need to close the urinal block whilst being used

• Cannot be overused - will not damage ceramic, stainless steel or plastic pipe-work

• Contains no sulphuric or hydrochloric acid - so kind to the environment

• Compatible with any make of urinal system

• 2 year shelf-life


How to Use. URIC Xtreme® - Urinal Unblocker.

URIC Xtreme is used neat, and is simply poured into the urinal. Start by pouring approximately 1 litre into the urinal bowl or trough, and wait for this to run away. Repeat after approximately 5 minutes (if necessary), until the urinal flow is back to normal. No need to flush with water. Normally, a total application of between 1 and 5 litres will be sufficient to clear a urinal blockage. (Amount needed will depend on the severity of the blockage.)


Please Note: If necessary the urinal trap can be removed and submerged in URIC Xtreme for approximately 10 minutes. The calcium / protein deposits will dissolve very quickly. The urinal trap can then be easily reassembled.


A urinal blockage caused by uric scaleRemoving the urinal trapSubmerging the urinal trap in URIC XtremeURIC Xtreme will safely and quickly dissolve the uric scaleThe urinal blockage has now been cleared



URIC XTREME - Urinal Unblocker

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Client Testimonials. Satisfied Customers with a Restored Urinal System.

"I must say, that stuff works great. The company I used it on are so pleased. Will be buying again. Best regards Peter."

Peter Penfold - AWE Europe Ltd. 20th August 2017.


"Thank you so much for a quick, easy and efficient ordering system. I`m very impressed."

Eleanor Keatley - Office Manager - WWT Llanelli Wetland Centre. 29th March 2017.


"Just wanted to say thanks for your help with this. The chemicals arrived yesterday which was amazingly quick and we used it last night and it worked brilliantly. Cheers."

Steve Kirk - Finance & Site Manager - Whittington Primary School. 8th February 2017.


"Good grief this stuff is good!!!!! All facilities restored now. Thankyou."

Andrew Allman - Managing Director - HpEProcess Ltd. 28th October 2016.






Also Available. URIC® FREEFLO - Urinal Maintainer.

Once the urinal blockage has been cleared, URIC Freeflo should be used. Used regularly it will prevent blockages from returning in the future.


URIC FREEFLO - Urinal Maintainer

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